Star Valley Trinidad

About Star Valley Drilling Fleet:


  • No recordable or lost time incidents (Zero TRIF)
  • Entire fleet repair time is less than 1%
  • International repair time 0.63%
  • Cut Drill times by 60%
  • Reduce Rig up time by 85%
  • Using highly experienced Canadian rig crews
  • Modern Advanced Drilling Rigs



3 hour rig up timelapse – 1000hp Drilling Rig

Star Valley Rig Double Series Ultra Heavy 500,000(Lbs) Walking rig :


  • Ultra Heavy Telescopic double 5000m+222,000kDaN (500,000 lbs hook load)
  • HXI 250 Top Drive (222,000kDaN or 500,000 lbs)
  • Fully Automated Hydraulic RIII Pipe Handling Skate Catwalk
    Mud Pump(s): (3x) 1500hp (MTU 2200hp mechanical motor) with 2 speed gear box (2:1 & 3:1)
  • BOP hydraulic handling system
  • Hydraulic walking system and leveling system
  • Independently powered HPU capable of operating winches, raising mast and doghouse control center without AC drive system on line
  • 7500 psi Circulation system
  • (2) Derrek Hyperpool 4 panel shakers
  • Vacuum Degasser: Mi Swaco CD 1400
  • (2x) Cat-16 with sink (950kw)
  • (2x) Detroit 60 series (430kw each)
  • Fast Moving Rig – Walking System
  • Computer controlled drilling system – Integrated Auto Digger
  • No cranes required (see move video attached)