Our Mission

Our mission is to be successful, which leads to the people we care about – our community, employees, clients, vendors, and stakeholders – sharing in our success. Innovative solutions, a sense of urgency, and the philosophy that you are only as good as your last job all contribute to our company culture and success. That means getting it done safely and efficiently to ensure everyone can get home to their families.

 Randolph M. Charron (Randy)

Randolph has over 40 years of North American and International Oil & Gas experience. He is the President and a member of the board of directors of Star Valley Drilling Ltd. Randy is also the President of Characo Corporation, a private oil and gas investment firm and prior to that a founding director and Vice President of Artisan Corporation a publicly traded Canadian oil field service provider.

Mr. Charron is also a founding director of Xtreme Drilling a TSE listed oilfield drilling contractor as well as PHX Energy Services Corp. a TSE listed oilfield services contractor. Historically he has also served as a directors of a number of service company public boards such as; Savanna Energy Services Corp., Plains Energy Services Ltd., Drillers Technology Ltd., Artisan Corporation ( formerly Artisan Drilling Ltd.), and  Nevis Energy Services Ltd. As well Randy has served the industry as a director of the Canadian Association of Oil Well Drilling Contractors (CAODC), Chairman of the Petroleum Industry Annual Safety Seminar and Director of Program Committee of the Petroleum Industry Training Services (PITS). Mr. Charron obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University.

Matthew Charron
General Manager

Matthew Charron has worked extensively in the oil and gas service industry since 2005, holding various field, technical and sales positions with several drilling contractors. Matthew gained a well-rounded field experience while building and working on drilling rigs for Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp. After three and a half years of working in the field, Matthew transitioned to a drilling contracts support position working in Calgary for Calmena Energy Services, an international energy service provider. In 2013, Matthew accepted a Sales Representative position for Ensign Energy Services. Matthew pursued founding roll with Star Valley Drilling in 2016 where he has helped develop the Company with his team and currently holds the title of General Manager. Matthew holds a diploma from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), in Marketing with a minor in Management.

Eric Markham
Sr. Sales Representative

Eric Markham has over 40 years of oilfield drilling experience in Western Canada. His most recent position was Vice President of Marketing at Jomax Drilling Ltd. where he spent the last 15 years. Prior to that, Eric was engaged in a senior sales capacity with a number of oilfield service companies, including 7 years as a Contracts Manager with Artisan Drilling, which included Champion Drilling (a Division of Artisan Drilling Limited). Eric’s work experience also includes over 10 years of hands on field experience where he drilled on SCR double and triple rigs.